Skoolzy Peg Board Set – Montessori Toys for Toddlers and Preschool Kids | 30 Pegs for Learning Colors, Sorting Counting – 30pg Occupational Therapy Fine Motor Skills Activity Pegboard Download $14.97

Skoolzy Peg Board Set – Montessori Toys for Toddlers and Preschool Kids | 30 Pegs for Learning Colors, Sorting Counting – 30pg Occupational Therapy Fine Motor Skills Activity Pegboard Download  $14.97
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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; SORTING & STACKING TOYS: Fun Toddler Toy & Baby Color Recognition boys and girls toys can be used to teach as learning resources , Montessori materials, preschool toys or learning toys for early childhood development.; SATISFACTION GUARANTEED:...

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Overall this is a good toy, with caveats. It is attractive and has clear educational value. However, it doesn't come ready to use "out of the box." You have to proof the pegs and condition the foam board before giving it to a child.Critiques:1. There is a minor safety hazard related to fabrication. Most of the plastic pegs have barbs ranging from small to quite prominent (see photo). They are sharp and can hurt when grasping the pegs. In my opinion, the barbs need to be filed down or shaved off to prevent scratching and poking. Of the 30 pegs I received, 22 needed to be proofed for safety.2. Another consideration if you plan to give this as a gift: The foam board has to be conditioned, which means you have to keep the pegs in the holes overnight. Otherwise, the holes are too small for the child to place in pegs.3. It is hard to distinguish the purple from the blue pegs because they are so dark. I wish one or both were lighter in shade so that they were more distinguishable.Positive notes:1. The carry bag is convenient and fun. My child really likes playing with it: he puts the pieces in and takes them out. He enjoys wearing the carry bag like a backpack for an easy take-along.2. The downloadable peg board activity guide helps the parent and child get more out of the toy. It includes good learning activities. You receive it via email as a PDF file after purchase.3. The pegs stack well and seem to be a good size for little hands.Hope this was helpful!
This toy is spectacular for my two and a half year old! She loves placing the pegs in the foam board and is able to stack the pegs as well! We have used the pegs for counting, sorting, patterning, and building fine motor skills. She will actually sit for 30-40 minutes straight playing with this toy!
I first heard about this peg board set from my sister-in-law who is using it for her two-year-old son and really liked it so I ordered it for my three-year-old twins. My kids got this for Christmas and it has been one of their favorite toys so far!Here is what is included in the set:1- 8 1/4" x 8 1/4" x 1/4" foam peg board. The description says the boards are assorted colors and we received an orange one. It has a total of 25 evenly-spaced holes where you can insert the pegs.30 pegs in 6 different colors (5 each of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple). They are each about 2" tall and about 1 1/2" in diameter with a hole in the top so you can insert a peg. The pegs are made of a hard plastic material.1 drawstring bag for storing and carrying around the board and pegs. It is made of a nice cloth material that would be easy to wash if it gets dirty.When we first opened the set, the holes were a bit tight but all it took was keeping the pegs in the board overnight and the holes had loosened up enough so my kids could easily put the pegs in the holes themselves. You can use this on carpet and hard, flat surfaces and it will work well.There are so many fun possibilities for this set which will help with fine motor skills! Kids can practice counting, naming colors, stacking (we've been able to stack about 10-12 pegs before the tower falls over), and grasping small objects and placing them in the holes, just to name a few. I can already tell that my kids' fine motor skills are improving even within the short amount of time we've been using this and I definitely see us using this for many years to come.This peg board set is a wonderful idea for anyone whose child needs some more work with fine motor skills or just to use as a fun, educational toy. Even I enjoy using it with my kids so it would probably be enjoyable for people of all ages. I feel it is priced fairly reasonably and I really like the great quality that we received with this set. My kids and I are very happy with this toy and I would highly recommend it to anyone with young children!
My son has a Sensory Processing Disorder and is currently in Occupational Therapy. His therapist has peg board set similar to this one so we decided to purchase one for him to use everyday. The set is very nice and colorful and has a fantastic storage bag that allows me to keep the pieces all together. It is working as it should and really helping my son prove his eye-hand coordination and wrist movement. I am very pleased with the product and this company. After receiving this item, a representative contacted me through email to inquire about the product and how it is working for us. He was very nice and courteous. I would definitely purchase from this company again.
I received this in the mail just a few short days ago and here is my unbiased review.First, let me say that this comes in pretty much Frustration Free Packaging. Just open the plastic bag and you've got it. There are instructions included with this that you have to condition the board before use. Basically, you need to stick the pegs in the board to size it overnight. That's it. Comes with a nice drawstring bag to contain everything.One of the first things that I noticed when my child was playing with it, is that the pegs are a good size for a toddler's hand. Not too big and not too small, just right. These pegs are easily stackable and she doesn't need any balancing skills whatsoever like with traditional blocks. She likes the assorted colors of the pegs and (bonus!) we can use those later for when she is learning colors for sorting!The foam baseboard is easy to handle doesn't have any sharp edges. I like the fact that if she wants to chew on it she won't get hurt.Even though this is a relatively new toy for her, I have to say that this one gets a lot of play time use, probably because of the ease of use for her. There's basically no learning curve and she loves seeing how high she can get them stacked!

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