SoClean 2 CPAP Automated Cleaner and Sanitizer Machine SC1200 CHOP SoClean $269.99

SoClean 2 CPAP Automated Cleaner and Sanitizer Machine SC1200 CHOP SoClean $269.99
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  • Authenticity: VERIFIED AUTHENTIC ✔
  • Marque: SoClean
  • Marca: SoClean
  • MPN: SC1200
  • Created By: ChopRetail
  • UPC: 187293000860
  • EAN: 0187293000860

User reviews

Learning to use the CPAP cleaner was fairly easy and we can rest easier knowing that with regular use our CPAP machines will be much cleaner. The only issue I read about and experienced was that left over ozone smell, this was easily rectified by letting the CPAP machine dry for several hours before use. Once the first unit was cleaned and we experienced the issue we did the second machine in the daytime and let it dry for 3-4 hours before using that night. Also I ran the unit for several minutes before using it and this seemed to help as well. The odor is a minor trade off considering the alternative of having something that could potentially cause illness not corrected.
I wanted to try this unit for a long time, so I finally got one. The positive: Very easy to use, set up is easy. The negative:It’s expensive. Also, it leaves a strong odor in your mask. Overall I could do without this machine because even though it kills bacteria; it’s still doesn’t clean the mask, or the tank. You still have to clean it weekly by hand anyway, which also kills the bacteria. I would just save the money and clean it myself.
The machine works well, easy to set up and use, but I had to buy the adapter from someone else because it was not included like most. Read the fine print. The only thing I dislike is the strong Oder when you take out of the machine, I got use it it but sometimes I use wipes to remove some Oder left behind from the cleaning process.
This cleaner makes it easy to keep my cpap and its components clean on a daily basis. It allows you to adjust the length of the cleaning time and what time of day the cleaner turns on. So nobody's sleep is disturbed.
This unit makes sanitizing your cpap a snap and is easy to set up. Fast shipping and great value, thanks!

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