Sony PlayStation Plus 1 Year Membership Subscription Card – NEW! $56.00

Sony PlayStation Plus 1 Year Membership Subscription Card – NEW!  $56.00
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I spend a lot of money on video games and paying to play online I have always hated; that's why I like pc a lot more. but there is something about console games that keeps me coming back to them. I would never pay $60 for a year to play online; per month that doesn't sound bad, but I look at that as a new video game I could have bought. I like the layout of xbox live, but that's because xbox 360 was my first online system so im use to it. playstation plus has a lot of perks such as free games every month and trials, along with double xp weekends on certain games. if you have a playstation and the internet, you need to have a playstaion plus membership.
If you don't use an online membership with PlayStation and/or Xbox live.... You'll will definitely not get the best out of either systems. Have it 3 stars because many of the free games with PS4 aren't a great savings. But occasionally, you can get some games you really are interested in that may help make up for the annual subscription.
You need PlayStation Plus to go online and play multiplayer games. Without it, you can't do that. So it does what it's supposed to. Personally I think Microsoft and Sony are taking us to the cleaners by making us pay first for the boxes Xbox One and PlayStation 4 . And then make you pay for a subscription so you can play online.:/

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