10 Ideas to Spark Your Love Without Spending a Fortune

Love shouldn’t cost a lot of money…

  1. Do you love collections? Check your local museums or planetarium for their free museum day… What a romantic way to spend the day with your love! There are museums for everyone’s tastes. Hold hands and stroll the various exhibits to enrich your arts culture together.


  1. Your local Farmer’s Market has a variety of entertainment for you and your love to enjoy together. Taste different food and drinks. Listen to live music. Peruse the booths of the local vendors. Take in the sights, sounds and smells. And it’s always fun to people watch!


  1. Go on a Happy Hour Date. Half-price drinks and bites. Good conversation and company. Rekindle your love and  friendship with each other.


  1. Take it outdoors! Go hiking or grab the bikes for the bike trail. Nature has so many beautiful things to see! You just have to take the time to see it. Take nature pictures and photos of you together. Fresh air and sunshine can’t hurt to renew a relationship!


  1. Act like tourists in your own town. Visit your town landmarks and historical buildings. Eat at a local sandwich shop or bakery that you have never ventured into. Discover things and places in your town that you never knew existed. Take pictures of the both of you together at the places you visit and make a collage.


  1. Go on a Coffee House Date. Coffee (or tea…or other yummy drink you fancy) and dessert. How sweet is that?


  1. The couple that volunteers together stays together. Pick a local charity that you love and help them out! Volunteering can be walking or playing with the dogs and/or cats at the local animal shelter; Sorting food at the food bank; Reading to kids at the library and more. Fill your hearts by helping others together.


  1. Enjoy an informational and fun time at a brewery or winery tour. Tours are usually inexpensive and include samples. It’s a great way to try some new beers or wines and see how they are made. Cheers to the two of you!


  1. Farm to Table Together…Pick your own produce at a local farm and cook a fabulous epicurean meal together. Eat by candlelight (or low light) and use your most fancy dishes and glasses. Bon a petit!


  1. Take a walk in the local park and have a picnic. Either pack your own meal or order from the local food trucks. Walk barefoot in the grass. Lay like broccoli and relax together.


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