The Summer Household List That You Shouldn’t Skip

The Summer Household List That You Shouldn’t Skip

Summer is right around the corner. The sun, vacations, pool parties, you’ll want your home in tip top shape to endure the summer festivities! Here is a list of things you can do to keep your home the center of happiness!

  1. Pool Maintenance
  2. Deck Maintenance
    • Clear off any debris, such as leaves or dirt;
    • Check for cracks & rot;
    • Stain, if necessary, to ensure your deck lasts a long time.
  3. Lawn Furniture
    • Clean outdoor fabrics, such as patio cushions; and
    • Tighten hardware on chairs, tables, and gazebos.
  4. Seasonal Toys
    • Check for holes or damage
    • Clean off all dirt
    • Discard broken toys
  5. Air Conditioning maintenance
    • Clean and/or replace air filter
    • Clear away all debris, leaves, grass clippings or plants from the condenser around the outside of your AC unit
    • Inspect the refrigerant lines, the pipes or tubes running from the condenser to the inside of the house, to ensure there is no corrosion and leakage in the line.
  6. Roof Check
    • Check for cracking or missing shingles;
    • Make sure that nothing is moldy or damaged from mold;
    • Check that eaves and overhangs don’t have stains from water
  7. Gutter Maintenance
    • Clean all gutters and downspouts from leaves and debri so that water can flow through without blockage;
    • Remove soil and stains with a non-abrasive household detergent;
    • Check for rusted or broken seams
  8. Window Check
    • Check weather stripping;
    • Inspect window caulking;
    • Clean the interior and exterior of the windows
  9. Exterior Maintenance
    • Pressure wash the exterior;
    • Check for cracks or damage to the outside of the home;
    • Patch cracks & holes in the driveway
  10. Clothing
    • Store Away Winter Clothes and make summer clothes readily accessible;
    • Dry clean any jackets or coats so they are ready to use in the Winter;
    • Place snow shoes and boots in storage so there is no clutter;
    • Donate or throw away any clothes that don’t fit or are in disrepair.


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