Real-Time Reservations Service

Start taking real-time reservations online with Yoohoo To Go

Receive & confirm reservations on a tablet

Get all your restaurant’s online reservation in one place with the Yoohoo Togo order taking app.

When a reservation is placed from your Yoohoo listing, the Yoohoo smartphone app, your own website, or Facebook page, you get it instantly pushed to your provided tablet.

real time reservations tablet

Accept or reject a reservation.

Can’t accept the reservation or completely booked?  Simply reject the reservation. In real-time the customer sees that there was a problem with the order and is presented with several possibilities along with your contact information.

Simply contact the customer to follow up and see if the reservation can be booked another way.

Real time reservations

After placing a reservation request, the customer stays connected for several minutes,
just enough time for you to review the date and time and confirm reservation.
No busy phone lines or misheard orders.  Just you and your staff, your customers and a simple interface that is easy for both parties to use.
Can be used in conjunction with your current reservation booking software.

Full service set up

We know you're busy. We'll set everything up including completing your listing and even program your tablet.

Yoohoo Listing

Book right from our site

Yoohoo Apps


Reservations from our app


Add a reservation taking tab to your page

Your Site

Copy & paste booking button code



  • $1.00-$1.75 Per Booked Fee
  • Full Yoohoo Listing
  • Wi-Fi Enabled Tablet
  • Reservations
  • Website Requests
  • Social Requests
  • Dashboard Access
  • Much More

Included with Yoohoo To Go

The Real-Time reservation service is part of the Yoohoo Venue packages.  These packages include full featured listings, online ordering, online reservations, mobile coupons or punch cards plus walk-in mobile content, in-app notifications and much more. Pay per performance rate will vary based on service selected.
Pay for performance requires a credit card on file to be billed for any fees generated and invoiced.
Tablet is provided for use with service at no additional charge. However, if you cancel within 12 months you are required to ship tablet back or your card on file will be charged a $50 equipment fee.


Get Started today & enjoy the first 90 days FREE!

Simple set up and easy to maintain. Start taking Real-Time Reservations today.

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