TEWELL Fast Wireless Charger, Wireless Charging Stand with Quick Charge Adapter $9.99

TEWELL Fast Wireless Charger, Wireless Charging Stand with Quick Charge Adapter  $9.99
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Fast and Efficient: Featuring exclusive PowerBoost technology and state-of-the-art cooling system, it can charge up to 20% faster than other wireless chargers. Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger (included) required; Charge Up Safely: With the smart chip and automatic temperature control technology,...

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While charging it gets really warm. I am uncomfortable with that.
This works fine - that is, it actually charges - with my Galaxy S7 w/case but does not charge my wife's S8 (with a thicker case) or my mom's (also with a case). We have two other wireless chargers that both work perfectly with all three phones & covers. Also, sometimes the very bright white light flashes nearly constantly, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Either way it's incredibly annoying. Imaging trying to sleep with it in the same room. Or trying to watch TV or hold a conversation with someone while this thing is constantly flashing...I'd send it back, but the return window has closed.
I bought this charger hoping that it would be able to charge my S8 through a leather wallet case and it does! I had to return another charger because it couldn't charge through the case, but this one charges quite fast actually (70% to full in about 30 minutes). No complaints so far!
Does not charge my phone to 100% OVERNIGHT... I wake up and my phone my be at 85% after 7-8 hours on the charger. I have to remove and replace it back on the charger to get it to start again.I will be returning this.Update: Replacement unit functions properly. Customer service immediately addressed concern.
I have an iPhone X Max and this charger works perfectly, even with a thick case. Does not overheat and charges fairly fast. I had purchased a charger before this one and it didn’t work with my iPhone, so I was worried. But this couldn’t be more perfect.

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