Tile Mate – Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything Finder – 4 Pack Tile $32.99

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  • MPN: EC-05004
  • UPC: 859553005464

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The sole device is easy to set up and hopefully works great. I just got mine in the mail today but can't wait to use it when I lose my keys or whatever I decide to put the 2nd tile on
Im not trying to down on people business, i wish everyone well and successful, but this product is very useless, if your not 10 yards away from it, it will not find it. Just dont work at all sometimes. This is how this product work. Its a community, the more people have it, it will help to find it by other people devices, but not enough people have it. Because its useless, dont buy it, dont waste your money. They should give it out for free for about 5 years then sell it.
Bluetooth powered, so it's only good close by. Then it's just an area, not specific. You can make it ring to find it. Not what I thought it would be. Maybe there's more to it than I have found. So far, not great.
My daughter found these on sale for $22 ea. I paid about $12 for these. Package a little beat up, tiles still like new.
Great product and great price. Really a great product when you are a scattered person!

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