TP-Link AV600Mbp Nano Powerline Ethernet Adapter Starter KIT TL-PA4010 KIT (New) TP-Link $32.99

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  • MPN: Does not apply
  • Model: TL-PA4010 KIT
  • Number of Powerline Adapters: 2
  • UPC: 845973032029
  • Network Connectivity: Wired-Ethernet (RJ-45)

User reviews

I got these units to add a wired network for my Playstation 4, since the wifi sucks so hard on the Sony consoles. I first set up the "sending" (network side) unit in one location of the house, and the "receiving" (PS4 side) next to that. They synced immediately, but the throughput was pretty terrible. I then relocated the "sending" side to another part of the house, and the performance went up a lot. I'm quite happy, and for the $25 I paid, well worth it. =)
Never thought it would be so easy, and that it would perform so flawlessly. I installed the two units with the cables that were included, and now have a no-worries link to my server. No more waiting for loading, or for the constant skips I had before with Hulu or YouTube. Excellent product, I could not be any happier.
These work great. My old Mac Powerbook does not work with the newer WIFI, so I used these instead to get on the internet. What a life saver, fast connection and reliable. I highly recommend them.

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