True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones, Sports in-Ear TWS Stereo Mini Headset w/Mic Extra Bass IPX5 Sweatproof Low Latency Instant Pairing 15H Battery Charging Case Noise Cancelling Earphones $32.40

True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones, Sports in-Ear TWS Stereo Mini Headset w/Mic Extra Bass IPX5 Sweatproof Low Latency Instant Pairing 15H Battery Charging Case Noise Cancelling Earphones  $32.40
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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; [Truly Wireless Earbuds HD High Fidelity Sound Beats]: True Wireless Stereo featuring latest Bluetooth 5 technology and state of the art acoustic components that produce incredible sound quality with deep bass and crystal clear treble.;...

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I freaking love these things!!!! I opened the box stuck them in my ears and the one in the right ear said pairing and then said right side and the one on the left said left.Paired with my phone instantly and I was listening to my playlist in seconds! Just made a phone call and was told I sounded great and of course they sounded great also!!! They are small and fit right inside the ear, no boom beside the cheek or wire over the ear. I am super stoked that I found these! The only thing I am not sure about is the battery life, I will at that to my review when I know more. AWESOME!!!!
 Unboxing and Product Close-up Video AvailableI have always been skeptical about spending big bucks on non-branded headphones but these surely are worth the money. I've summarized the strong points of the Geekee earbuds below:• Sound Quality: This is subjective but to me they are top notch. It CAN use just slightly more volume but it's just because occasionally I'd like to have it where it's close to eardrum blasting loud.• Comfort: Nothing to complain here. It fits in my ears very easily and stays securely even when I am jogging and lifting.• Ease of Use: They power-on as soon as you remove it from the case and turn off once you place it in the case and turn off your bluetooth. The operation is very easy and links to your phone very quickly. On top of that, the user manual is very descriptive and detailed so it's easy to follow the instruction. (unlike many other Chinese made product where the user manual is often lost in translation or have lots of typo).• Battery Life: I use it daily during workout. Charged the case once a week and I've had it for over 2 weeks now. The only small complaint I have is the battery life indicator. It tells you the battery life by blinking pattern. I would much prefer if it’s just straight up like bar style (4 leds) or just a simple green and red.All in all, I'm very impressed and will suggest to other potential buyers.
 I absolutely love these earbuds. They fit great and are actually comfortable to wear! I have a hard time with headphones and ear buds as they typically don't fit right or fallout while i jog or walk around. Not these puppies. They stay in place. Sound quality is excellent. They give you the ability to skip songs, pause or replay. Pairing was super easy. I turned on while putting in my ear by pushing the control button and it prompted me it was in pair mode! Went into my phone and was connected in less than 10 seconds.Came with extra ear tips in various sizes, ear hook covers and a Micro USB charging cable. Might need to pick up a second set for the wife so she stops stealing them.
In-ear headphones are my preferred kind.Having said so, it is also the trickiest kind of headphones.First of all you have to physically try them on, just like clothes. Before that you can read all kind of reviews/specs and will still never know if it is the right purchase for you. If the shape of your ears is significantly different from what the earbud was designed for, you will never hear the quality sound even if the earbud delivers it.In practice this means that if the shape of your years is far from the average, the search for earbuds turns into a quest.Exactly my case, since I have very small child sized extremely sensitive ears and if the earbud is too big and pushes on my ears' tissue, I get horrible headaches. I have a whole collection of such headphones of all shapes and sizes!Second, even if you have a pretty average ear-shape most headphones will deliver for you, there is no possible way that earbuds like Jabra deliver 3X time quality, why overpay?These are good headphones that deliver quality sound even for my non-average years, they don't fall out, but stay in place gently without pushing too much to the point of the headache. For me, bad sound quality or static/squeaky sounds = headaches, they are my way of measuring the sound quality. These earbuds save me from headaches and have a very reasonable amount of bass that is realistic to expect.Pairing was very easy and self-explanatory on the intuitive level, I never even opened the instructions. I paired with a single earbud basically by just inserting it into my ear and turning it on. It said it was pairing, but I also pressed a device name on the phone (I think it probably would have worked even without me doing any work, but I was lazy to read the instructions). When I took the second earbud and turned it on, the earbuds let me know which one is left and which one is right. But you can also distinguish left and right by the "tail" around the earbud (which could be removed if you prefer so). The Bluetooth connection is stable, when the baby is having her precious nap, I can go all around my house while phone is charging and there are no sound disturbances.You can wear both earbuds at the same time. However, these cancel out the noise pretty good, so if you need to be aware of the surroundings, I would recommend using just a single earbud.All in all these are good headphones at a fraction of the price, I would to recommend to try them on.

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