10 Ways to Celebrate Mom

  1. Make or take her out to brunch or dinner. For all she has done, she deserves a special meal.


  1. Help her favorite charity or an organization that helps a mother in need– time, items or monetary


  1. Call or Facetime or Skype. Seeing your face will mean the most to Mom.


  1. Plant a tree in her honor. Grow a tree to represent Mom’s growing love.


  1. Bake her a special dessert. Who would turn down their favorite sweet treat?


  1. Create a custom gift basket. Fill a basket with all of Mom’s favorite things…Does she like to cook? Kitchen utensils, spices, or a new cookbook… Who doesn’t like to pamper themselves? Soaps and lotions with her favorite scents, essential oils, spa gift certificates…


  1. Make her Breakfast in Bed…Let her sleep in and fill her tummy with something yummy!


  1. Have a Barbecue for a joint celebration with all the mother figures in your life. What a fun excuse to get everyone together!


  1. Give Mom the Day Off – Encourage everyone to pitch in and let the Mom’s in your life relax.


  1. Document the special day with photos. Use them to make a video, a collage, or just order prints!


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