Wedding And Event Marketing


Harness the power of the Yoohoo marketing platform for your short term event without a long term commitment.  As your attendees arrive they will receive a smartphone notification with a greeting from you like “Thank you sharing our special day!“.  Tapping on it reveals your content in the form of a mini-mobile web page with audio, video, photos and more.

Whether it’s one day events like weddings & parties or it’s a multi-day event like art festivals or conventions our event service has you covered. Simply select the date of your event (1 day $45 $15, 7 Day $45 & 14 Days $75), and provide the location information.  No beacon purchase is required for this service.

We take bookings 30 days out (reflected on the calendar below).  Please allow 48 hours prior to your event to complete set up. Video creations or graphic & design services are not included – You can easily create your content in a program like Photoshop or online in minutes at and upload it for use with our service.  It’s important to note that while some attendees may already have the Yoohoo app installed, you’re going to want to make sure by instructing them to download the free app prior to your event.

Ready to get started or need more information? Give us a call at 855.424.4245 or email us