Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Jecoo True Wireless Earphones Stereo Sound Auto-Pairing Sweatproof Bluetooth Headphones with Charging Case Built-in Microphone Black $42.49

Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Jecoo True Wireless Earphones Stereo Sound Auto-Pairing Sweatproof Bluetooth Headphones with Charging Case Built-in Microphone Black  $42.49
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[STABLE CONNECTIVITY] With Latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, instant and reliable connectivity, Jecoo wireless earbuds can work seamlessly with any Bluetooth devices up to 33 feet away.; [HIGHT-QUALITY STEREO SOUND] The true wireless earbuds can produce incredible Hi-Fi stereo sound and block out...

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For the last week, I have been using these heavily. They have been great. In the box, you get the charging case, the headphones, a short mini-USB cable and some extra earbud rubbers. They come with a bit of a charge, but the first thing I did was to plug the charging case in, set the earbuds back in them and went to bed to give them a chance to charge up before using them the next day. The first day was a torture test, I wanted to know exactly what I could expect out of these headphones, and I was not disappointed.The earbuds are simple, each earbud has a single button in that you can push to pause whatever it is you are listening to or to answer an incoming call. I used it pretty frequently to pause, but I had no interest in talking to anyone that called so did not answer. The earbuds will read off the number that is coming in so you know who is calling, but that is all. If you only want to use a single earbud, use the left one as that is the primary that then pairs up to the right earbud. I used both as I wanted a worst case charging scenario, but it does work great with just the single earbud.After three hours of listening to an audio book, the earbuds told me that they were getting ready to power down and they needed to charge. I placed them back into the charging case, and when you close the case up they start charging from the case's internal battery. The earbuds have a glowing ring on the back that lights up when they are charging, and there is a small blue led that starts slowly flashing in the front of the charging case at the same time. Just under an hour later, the lights went out and that let me know that the earbuds were fully charged and ready to use.Over two days of nearly continuous use at work, I discovered that the case is able to recharge the earbuds three times before it runs out of juice itself. From a fully charged state, that gives you 12 hours of play time from a single charge on the case. Of course, that includes three hours of downtime while the earbuds recharge in the case, but for me that wasn't really a problem as I had meetings that I needed to go to, so I just put them in the case and let them charge. Once everything was drained, I just plugged them in again and within a couple of hours both the case and earbuds were full charged and ready to go again.Pairing them with my phone was painless, just enable Bluetooth (you will need Bluetooth connectivity to use these) and then search for devices and pair them. The earbuds will inform you that they are paired up, and then you are ready to use them. They have a decent volume, not anything earth shattering, but then again these are battery powered earbuds. The range is really decent, they tout up to 33 feet, and I found that to be generally true. I could walk all over my office environment without losing connection, and when you do start getting out of range the audio will begin stuttering and that lets you know you have gone too far. At that point though you can just hit one of the buttons to pause what you are listening to, and then just play it again when you are back in range.Overall, I can recommend these to anyone that is looking for a comfortable, easy to use pair of wireless earbuds with a very decent battery life that is considerably extended by the included charging case.
For the money, these earbuds are phenomenal. Excluding these, I've tried 3 different truly wireless ear buds over the past year (including the Samsung Gear Icon X 2018) , and while they aren't perfect, they are definitely the closest to perfect for me that I've tried so far. I gave them 5 stars but they aren't perfect... but they are pretty close. I'm writing this after using the headphones for a little over a week, and I used them on several Android devices (running Android 8.1 Oreo)Pros:- Connectivity: I'm putting this first because this is my favorite part. Stick with me here. You can use both earbuds together, OR use either one individually. This is huge, as I will sometimes wear one at a time around the house or in bed. It doesn't matter which one you use, both the L and R can work independent of each other. Practically this works by it connecting to your phone 3 times: once as Air Plus L, once as Air Plus R, and once as just Air Plus. So when you use them together, it connects to the other earbud and to your phone via Bluetooth. Additionally, as soon as you remove one (or both) from the charging case, it starts trying to connect to your phone. BUT if you're scarred like me from the Icon X, it does still have a power button on each earbud to turn it off when you want to without putting it back in the charging case. Bluetooth 5.0 is also nice, never had any connectivity issues or issue with range. For what its worth, pairing was also a breeze- Battery life is as advertised. About 3 hours on a single charge.- Light weight: They feel kind of cheap at first since they're made of plastic, but the other side of that is they are super light weight- Comfort: These were pretty comfortable for me. I know this is really subjective. I've never liked the Apple design since their headphones don't fit my ears, if that tells you anything about my ear shape. On the flip side. the Gear Icon X 2018 hurt my ears too after wearing for about a half hour. These don't though, so that's obviously a major plus.- Sound: kind of a big deal with earbuds right? The sound is pretty balanced, with a nice bass presence. The bass isn't overwhelming, but its definitely there which I really liked, but this will obviously vary from me to youCons:-Not a whole lot to list here. AptX would be nice instead of SBC for the encoding, but they do just fine. If you don't know what either of those are, then don't worry about it haha.-They have this blue light on the headphone around the power button. You can see it in the pictures for the item. What I would like to see in the future, is the ability to disable that flashing light. I use these sometimes when I'm laying in bed, and the blue flashing light annoys my wife- A more minor con, would like to see a longer battery life going forward- I would like if they got a little louder, but that's kinda subjective. Could just be too many concerts on my end- Micro USB on the charging case instead of USB C. More of a minor gripe again, just a thought for the second generation of this product.Conclusion:Like I said from the beginning, these are great earbuds in my opinion especially when you consider the price. They aren't perfect, but then again you probably won't find earbuds that are. I would strongly recommend these at their $50 price tag.
I was a little skeptical about these at first, especially since my spouse has Apple Airpods and I know how good they work, but these little guys have thoroughly impressed me.Paring was a breeze! Every feature works as great as it sounds. I love that after the initial pairing, I simply remove them from the case and they automatically turn on and connect to my phone (Galaxy S9+). I love that there are no wires. I love that you can use them both or just use one if you're just gonna be talking on the phone and don't want the stereo effect. I love that they are tiny and comfortable and stay in my ears with no problem when I'm at the gym. I love that when I pop them back into the case, they charge automatically and disconnect from my phone. Charging the case gives another long amount of listening time.Mine never ran out of juice - the most I used them at one time without returning to the case was about an hour. I've used them a lot and haven't recharged the case yet.They work great with Google Assistant to ask questions or initiate phone calls or texts by voice.Phone calls were clear and the person on the other end had no problem hearing and understanding me.The only thing these aren't good for is watching videos. They are not AptX Low Latency so watching videos the sound will be slightly out of sync with the picture, but to me that is not what these are intended for. These are for being hands free and wire free with your phone in your pocket listening to music or audiobooks or talking on the phone. And they excel at all those things. Would definitely buy again and recommend to friends!

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