WORX WG050 Aerocart 8-in-1 2-Wheel Wheelbarrow/Ga Worx $82.99

WORX WG050 Aerocart 8-in-1 2-Wheel Wheelbarrow/Ga Worx $82.99
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  • Modified Item: No
  • MPN: WG050 ; WA0229
  • Non-Domestic Product: No
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Type: Wheelbarrow
  • UPC: Does not apply

User reviews

I got this to make my life a little easier. I find the typical wheelbarrow awkward to use & balance on one wheel when full. Two wheels definitely helps, especially with uneven loads... Small size, so I don't tend to fill it so it gets too heavy. However to use the bottom flap, it is not easy to adjust with arthritis or neuropathy. The side arms for the slings flop around as you push the Worx. Also the square bracket to help hold the garbage/yard bags are difficult to install with arthritis/neuropathy.
The AeroCart is smaller and lighter than a typical wheelbarrow; I have yet to really decide whether the pros outweigh the cons with regard to the limited capacity. Considering the price, I would have preferred a bigger, sturdier, higher capacity workhorse. On the other hand, being small, lightweight, and fairly well-balanced, aided with maneuverability, as well as really making me reconsider my tendency to "over do it". The cart came dinged and dented from the manufacturer, but seeing how it is to be used for moving paver stones, soil, mulch, river rock, etc., I wasn't concerned with the dings that would be comparable to those that it would have eventually endured. The out of box assembly was simple, and the mechanical parts (wheels, legs, extension arms, dolly plate, etc.) all seemed to initially move as expected. The included water bladder seemed to be of an acceptable quality, but I don't anticipate having much use for it. The deck is tiny and cannot fully accommodate the dimensions of a standard bag of mulch, soil, or grass seed. After unsuccessfully trying to figure a way to angle two bags of mulch into the cart, I attempted to lower the extension arms and stack a few 20# bags of mulch. While rated for 80lbs and with the arms relatively stable with three bags (60lbs), adding the fourth bag made the idea of actually moving the mulch very questionable. I ended up balancing the bags lengthwise across the top of the bed deck and was able to move 5 bags with relative comfort (keep the arms extended to keep the bags from falling of the front during tilting. I bought the cart bundled with the wagon attachment and the snow shovel add-on. I have not had the opportunity to utilized the wagon, but anticipate it will be useful as a moving seat to do weeding along my fence-line and various edging. The wheels are solid, but the handle and linkage system look a bit flimsy with the the potential to be susceptible to bending. Time will tell as to whether this attachment is worth the extra money. I unpacked the disappointing shovel attachment (which appears to be a complete joke, and almost totally ruined my opinion of the product, and WORX as a company, in general) and really can find much positive to say. Alright, like everything else, the shovel assembly is easy and it did integrate with cart. I tried to push around some wet mulch just to get a feel for the action; the result was worthless. I would have returned the shovel, but with the bundle pricing that I received, I would have lost a percentage off the other components, and spent more on shipping than the thing is worth. Just don't do it, use the savings to buy a couple of real functional shovels. I like the solid no-flat wheels, especially since the downfall of my last few lawn carts/wheelbarrows has been attributed to a failure of the wheels and/or associated axles. While I didn't have occasion to use the rock or plant mover straps, I see where they could be useful for small lightweight jobs (again, questionable 80lb max loads severally hamper applicability). I think my favorite function is the bag holder ring, which allows you to attach a lawn-bag to the cart with an simple elastic cord; it gives me that extra hand to hold the container open when bagging the lawn waste. While there is a cylinder bar that helps immobilize water bottles, tanks, barrels/kegs, or round trash cans on the dolly, one recommendation would be to provide either a rigid cover, straps, or a few straight braces to attach across the cart basin, via the rim slots, to prevent shorter items from falling in the tub while tilting the hand-truck. Much like any multi-tool, it can performs a number of useful functions. Unfortunately, it doesn't excel at any of those functions. Overall, the product is not bad and can be utilized for a variety of light-duty day-to-day tasks. However, I'd say if you want a wheelbarrow, wagon, hand-truck, or especially a shovel, go out and buy dedicated versions of those tools. I want to give the AeroCart 4-stars, but there are just too many limitations and shortcomings (and the existence of that pseudo-shovel should subtract three stars all by itself, but that will get its own 1-star rating). If possible, I would rate the AeroCart 8-in-1 @ three and a half stars; based, in-part, on some of the issues above, I would give it a conditional recommendation.
From what I could tell by the pictures advertised for the product, it appeared way bigger than what was delivered. I am only 5' 5" tall and have to bend my body to use it as the handles are way too short. Also the rattling of the black bars on the side is loud and annoying. Could use some refinements, otherwise it is very solid and sturdy and will last forever. It works great for my 10 year old. But for an adult, serves little purpose other that moving rocks and such. The tinest of boxes could fit in to be used as a dolly, and I cannot see the usefulness in moving say a refridgerator as no leverage due to the shortness of the handles. Maybe an extension kit for longer handles would be nice. All in all it is a great little wagon for very small garden jobs. For now I will stick with my wheelbarrow and dolly. Thanks.
The cart itself was very easy to assembly - only took a couple of minutes and done and we love the quality of the cart. The Water Hauler bladder was a huge disappointment. We filled it with water and it sprung two leaks - one along the top seam and one along the bottom seam which was VERY problematic. We got it to use to haul recycled water from our city and it did not hold water. The cart is great, but the water bladder is worthless. No bargain received here.
When I got the Aerocart and tried to assemble it, one of the handles would not fit into the fitting due to the tubing being slightly crushed. After using 2 people and a pair of pliers to fix the ovaled tubing, we got the handle to fit. Next, the water hauler started leaking at the bottom of the bag just as I started filling it. The leak is larger than a pinhole and the water comes out like a weak squirt gun. Also, the watering spray cap is very loose & tends to pop off. Love the Aerocart when I got it fixed, water hauler needs to be re-worked. Would have given 4 stars if I didn't have to fix the ovaled tubing, 5 stars if the bag didn't leak!

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